Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Words I Love

My top ten favorite words are featured at The Broke and Bookish this week. Go check everyone's list out!

Here's my list:

1. Atrocious: "Utterly revolting, or of very poor quality". This is one of my favorite words to use when describing something I don't like.

2. Facetiously: "Joking or jesting often inappropriately". I love this word because all five vowels are in alphabetical order. I know there are other words like this, but this is the first one I remember learning.

3. Lackadaisical: "Lacking life, spirit, or zest". This is such a fun word to say, which seems kind of ironic considering the definition.

4. Dessert: "A usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice cream) usually served at the end of a meal". I love dessert. Cake, pie, cookies, pudding, brownies, ice cream, you name it I will devour it (especially if it has chocolate in it).

5. Wanderlust: "Strong longing for or impulse toward wandering". Ahh..the travel bug. I love traveling to new places and exploring.

Onomatopoeia: "The use of words whose sound suggests the sense". Another fun word to say and I love words that are onomatopoeia's: buzz, hiss, beep, knock, sizzle, zap, squish.

7. Oxymoron: "A combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness)". Ever since I was first taught this word in elementary school I've pictured an 'ox' and a 'moron' in my head.

8. Surreptitious: "Done, made, or acquired by stealth". It's like clandestine...but way cooler.

9. Pterodactyl: "Any of various pterosaurs (suborder Pterodactyloidea) of the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous having a rudimentary tail and a beak with reduced dentition". My favorite dinosaur! Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

10. Beach: "A shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments; a seashore area". I've always lived within 15 minutes of the ocean. I love it, it's one of my favorite places to be.

*All definitions are from Merriam-Webster Online.

What are your favorite words?


Tony D said...

Nice list. I saw surreptitious on another list (and not the broke and bookish one LOL). Pterodactyl and wanderlust are ones that I especially like. Did pterodactyls tend towards wanderlust? Is it possible to have wanderlust when flying? I think so.

Lu said...

Great list!

Julie said...

Cookies are my favorite dessert and my son thinks Pterodactyl's are cool! I'm not much of a beach person or lackadaisical but I have been warned of being facetiously even though I try never to be inappropriate. I'd like to think I'm prone to wanderlust but I do like growing roots where I live too. I guess I can't win them all. :) Nice list!

Kelly said...

Pterodactyl is pretty awesome. I also like velociraptor.