Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tag: You're It

This is an international game of tag and I've been tagged by Kelly at Books: A Love Story!  I have to answer questions about myself so you can get to know me better and then I'll tag four other bloggers! 

Thanks for tagging me Kelly!  I had fun doing this!

4 Things That Are In My Handbag
1.  My cell phone

2.  Keys (car, house, etc)
3.  A book
4.  A granola bar (I get migraines if I get too hungry)

4 Things In/On My Desk
1.  My desktop computer.

2.  Lots of post-it notes
3.  A pile of junk mail
4.  A cup of tea

4 Favorite Things In My Bedroom
1.  My books!
2.  My clothes
3.  My jewelry tree (it's really shaped like a tree, I love it!)
4.  All of my sentimental things (pictures, figurines)
4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do (but haven't yet)
1.  Travel to Australia, Prague and Ecuador

2.  Have a real "grown-up" job
3.  Become fluent in a foreign language
4.  Run a marathon

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At The Moment
1.  Reading books

2.  Grilled cheese
3.  Hooded sweatshirts (it's been cold and rainy the past few days)
4.  Make Up Forever eyeliner
4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
1.  "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

2. "My Friends Over You" - New Found Glory
3. "The Mix Tape" - Jack's Mannequin
4. "Space" - Something Corporate

4 Things You Don't Know About Me
I've been a vegetarian since I was 8

2.  I love Disney movies
3.  When I send texts I use punctuation and spell the entire word out (none of this "u" for "you" stuff)
4.  Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary (there's one working with lions in South Africa that I would love to do)

4 Bloggers I'm Tagging

I'll tag some people later, I'm running late for dinner!

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